Brunch & Brews @ Northeast Craft Beer Pavilion -Boston Globe Travel Show

Fun fact: I like to try new things, especially beer. Unfortunately, it’s hard to try many different full size servings in a short period of time. I know this, and have pictures of my entire body covered in Sharpie to prove it…along with a pink feather boa. I was told I had a good time.

It’s for this reason things like flights and sampling events are my favorite things. You get to try all the beers and have no lingering effects of FOMO. It really is the best. With that in mind, I heard about the Lord Hobo Brunch & Brews at the Boston Globe Travel Show. They had a bunch of names that I knew, plus a lot of ones that I’ve been dying to try. Plus, brunch food is always good.

On to the Sunday Funday brew guide….

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