Drink These and Watch the Bruins Go Down in Flames, It’s Your Friday Flight Plan.

As you may see from the title, I have zero inclination to believe the Bruins win the series. They may win tonight, sure, but they haven’t shown me anything to give me hope. Marchand, a top 5 scorer in the league, has been nonexistent. The puck possession has been terrible and how about we stop the icing and going offsides. It’s not good. McAvoy, that’s the one bright spot. But a 19 year old rookie can only take you so far.

So anywho, drink these and enjoy the rest of the Bruins short season.

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Celebrate National Beer Day and the NHL Playoffs With These – Friday Flight Plan

It’s currently the third period of the Bruins – Senators game, and it’s tied up. Could be a big win, because playing the Capitals in round one of the playoffs is certain death. But man, does it feel great to have some playoff hockey back!

Also today is National Beer Day! So many reasons to celebrate!

So, let’s drink to good times!

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Fantastic Beers and Where to Find Them – Friday Flight Plan

Oh man, it’s finally Friday and it could not have come sooner! This week, I’m going to not only give you 4 beers you need to try, but I’m going to give you the place that you can go get them on draft to give them a try yourself, provided you live in the surrounding Boston area. Getting realllll regional! No worries, most of these beers you should be able to find throughout New England, especially if you have a good craft beer store around like Craft Beer Cellar.

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Green Vomit Everywhere…It’s Your Friday Flight Plan – St. Patrick’s Day Edition!

Hello and welcome to a special St. Patrick’s Day addition of the Friday Flight Plan! This week I’ll give you 4 stouts that you can grab on the way home from work and put your own green food coloring in, because it’s just what you do for this holiday.

Now normally, I kid around that the flight plan is for the antisocial shut-in crew, but this weekend, I’m with you! St. Patrick’s’ is one of the trifecta of amateur hour drinking holidays (New Years & Day before Thanksgiving the others) that usually suck to go out for. You spend the most of the night waiting to get to the bar to order a drink, because everyone knows that fire code limits don’t exist on holidays! Unless you have a solid game-plan at a specific bar (pro tip: a large one with multiple bars) or a party, it’s not worth the effort.

So stay at home and drink these, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble!

Programming note: Someone took notice of the magic I create on this blog and is going to feature me on their page! Check them out at All of New England  and give them a like for taking a chance on this foolishness! 

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Get ’em While You Can, It’s The Friday Flight Plan

Hello and happy Friday to you all! For the flight plan this week, I’m bringing you some limited/seasonal releases that you may need to snatch up quick. Don’t be that person that waits until the last-minute and misses out. That person is lame. This totally doesn’t stem from me missing a concert last night because I missed out buying the ticket…

Anywho, the beers!

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Get ready for the Sunshine…it’s your Friday Flight Plan!

Happy Friday and welcome to the flight plan!

Every week I give you 4 brews that you need to try this weekend that you can pick up almost anywhere alcoholic beverages are sold. I would have posted this earlier this morning, but the crew was out late at Harpoon’s Big Ass Trivia Night. We didn’t win, but you go ahead and tell me who directed Manchester By The Sea without looking it up! Exactly, you can’t!

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Mardi Gras In A Glass And More, It’s Your Friday Flight Plan!

Happy Friday my friends and welcome to the second edition of Flight Plan, here to help you get in and out of the packie that much quicker!

This week I’m bringing you the best beverage for your Mardi Gras celebration as well as three other beers you should give a shot. In doing a slight bit internet fact checking for this post, I noticed a couple of these don’t have the best reviews on some other sites. To that I say screw all that noise, your man here won’t steer you wrong!

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Hot New Weekly Feature – Friday Flight Plan!


Something occurred to me while brainstorming new posts this week. I realized that there was an audience that had no need for my guides: shut ins! Who am I to neglect these pasty, non-adventurous, vitamin D deficient folks. They deserve to enjoy a quality beverage just like the rest of us! So with that…

Welcome to my brand new weekly feature, Friday Flight Plan!

Every week I’ll hit you with 4 beverages I’ve recently enjoyed that you can grab at your local packie to enjoy in the safety of your own home (or even use Drizly if you’re a real hermit). These picks will not necessarily be from New England, because although this is a regional site, good stuff occasionally happens elsewhere. Hard to believe, I know.

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