April’s Over. We Drank A Lot. Let’s Re-Brew!

Another banner month in the books for the Brew Guide as we journeyed far and away…to MA and RI. Turns out I really enjoyed staying within an hour drive this month! Good thing is, even then I found a bunch of great places that you should visit.

In May, expect to see a couple more exotic locations, since someone got a bunch of PTO to burn before he loses it in July! Also in starting in May, there will no longer be a Friday Flight Plan. I do not plan on retiring it completely, but it will be more of a “fill in” when I can’t get to a brewery. I suggest following me on Instagram or Untappd for all my fun beer suggestions until then.

Let’s take the trip down memory lane…

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March Is Over, So Lets Re-Brew & Introduce A New Feature!

Here we are, another month and another group of awesome breweries! As is the tradition (doing it twice means tradition, right?), I’m going to give you a quick “best of” of all the places we’ve stopped into this month and what you should drink while you’re there. So, enjoy these cliff notes, you lazy bastards!

*First the Big Update*

Every Monday, I’ll be posting a listing of all the beer releases and events you can expect from some of your favorite New England breweries that week! If you happen to run a brewery and would like to join the listing, please email me (nebrewguide@gmail.com) and I’ll give you the info to join!

With the new event/release guide, schedule with now be:

Monday – Events/Releases

Tuesday & Thursday – Brew Guides

Friday – Flight Plans/ Re-Brew (last Friday of the Month)

Now Let’s Re-Brew!

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