Sons of Liberty Spirits – South Kingstown, RI

Howdy Folks! This week I want to open the floor to you savages. I’m heading to Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, most likely all by the end of this month. Since most of them are foreign territories (except NH and parts of CT), I’m looking for some suggestions as to what brewery I should be headed next. So comment on here, Facebook, Instagram or email me and give me a reason to visit!

So let’s wrap up the Kingston/Kingstown trip from last week with a stop into Sons of Liberty Spirits…because they have beer too!

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April’s Over. We Drank A Lot. Let’s Re-Brew!

Another banner month in the books for the Brew Guide as we journeyed far and away…to MA and RI. Turns out I really enjoyed staying within an hour drive this month! Good thing is, even then I found a bunch of great places that you should visit.

In May, expect to see a couple more exotic locations, since someone got a bunch of PTO to burn before he loses it in July! Also in starting in May, there will no longer be a Friday Flight Plan. I do not plan on retiring it completely, but it will be more of a “fill in” when I can’t get to a brewery. I suggest following me on Instagram or Untappd for all my fun beer suggestions until then.

Let’s take the trip down memory lane…

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Proclamation Ale Company – West Kingston, RI

Tonight’s the NFL draft and the Patriot’s currently have no picks until Saturday. We don’t have to really care about the draft at all for two days but I will say, the best part of the draft is watching that one presumed high 1st round draft pick slide into the 2nd. Especially if he went they are at the draft. Nothing is more sad/amusing to me than the sit through the whole first round, have to come back for a second day in a much emptier waiting room and after all that, have to play for the Jets. Looking at you Geno Smith. Now that’s drama worth watching!

After stuffing our faceholes full of donuts over at Whalers on Sunday, we decided to make a day of it and see what else was in the area (After all, donuts are always a nice way to set the foundation for some day drinking.). So, we took a nice 15 minute drive over to Proclamation to see what’s up over there.

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Whalers Brewing Company – South Kingstown, RI

During the work week, I’m really a pretty healthy guy. I stick to mostly a “Slow Carb” style diet popularized by Tim Ferriss, one of my two internet life coaches (Joe Rogan being the other). The reason I chose follow this diet was easy, it allows you to be an absolute pig for one day a week. It makes days like the Donuts and Drafts event I attended on Sunday not hurt my girlish figure as much! Gotta keep this temple tight!

And that’s where we start the week. Here’s what to expect from Whalers Brewing, minus the donuts, you missed that boat!

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Drink These and Watch the Bruins Go Down in Flames, It’s Your Friday Flight Plan.

As you may see from the title, I have zero inclination to believe the Bruins win the series. They may win tonight, sure, but they haven’t shown me anything to give me hope. Marchand, a top 5 scorer in the league, has been nonexistent. The puck possession has been terrible and how about we stop the icing and going offsides. It’s not good. McAvoy, that’s the one bright spot. But a 19 year old rookie can only take you so far.

So anywho, drink these and enjoy the rest of the Bruins short season.

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Dorchester Brewing Company – Dorchester, MA

I was starting up the laptop, fully prepared for a Game 3 of disappointment. It was already 3 – 0. I figured the game would make for background noise as I prepare my post for Tuesday. Then Acciari got the tip in. Then Backes makes the goal off Bobby Ryan’s complete fail to wrangle the puck. Then Pastrnak scores on the powerplay and here I am, finally typing during the second intermission.

Before the third starts, let me tell you about Dorchester Brewing!

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Mystic Brewery – Chelsea, MA

Game 1 in the books, and the Bruins pulled out a win. It didn’t look pretty, especially with zero shots on goal in the 2nd, but the timely goals by Vatrano and Marchand in the 3rd gave the B’s the W. Most importantly, this kid McAvoy looks good! It’s his first game in the NHL and he played top pairing minutes without any real mistakes. Good to know losing Krug and Carlo indefinitely won’t be as big of a loss as it should be.

Hope you’re prepared for all kinds of fun Bruins commentary if they keep winning. Could be a quite a run!

Today we venture just north of Boston to Chelsea and hit up Mystic Brewing!

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Bucket Brewery – Pawtucket, RI

Love the news that was bouncing around that Marshawn Lynch has “privately discussed” joining the Patriots if any deal with the Raiders falls through. I don’t care that he’s been out for a year, he’d still be a harder runner than Blount and he hates talking to the media. Sounds like the perfect Patriots player to me. How great would it be to see him finally have a nice Superbowl winning 1 yard touchdown?

We’re splitting time this week in RI and MA. Off to the Bucket we go for round 1!

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Celebrate National Beer Day and the NHL Playoffs With These – Friday Flight Plan

It’s currently the third period of the Bruins – Senators game, and it’s tied up. Could be a big win, because playing the Capitals in round one of the playoffs is certain death. But man, does it feel great to have some playoff hockey back!

Also today is National Beer Day! So many reasons to celebrate!

So, let’s drink to good times!

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